Your Challenges

We boast a long track record of working with retail partners, so we understand the unique challenges you face. If any of the below sound familiar, First Bankcard’s Partner Program could be the solution you’re looking for.

Brand Awareness

Customers have many retail options today, both online and off. If you want to make sure customers choose you time and time again, First Bankcard’s Partner Program could be a fit.

Rewarding Loyalty

If you’re looking for a way to identify your most loyal and active customers and reward them in-store for their spending, First Bankcard’s Partner Program could be a fit.

Differentiating Yourself

If you’re looking for ways to best position yourself in a crowded market, First Bankcard’s Partner Program could be a fit.

Driving In-Store Spend

If you’re looking for a long-term credit card partner looking to expand and grow your business with time and attention, First Bankcard’s Partner Program could be a fit.


Our Solutions

Check out First Bankcard’s suite of credit card programs available to your business.

Co-Brand Solution

With First Bankcard’s Co-Brand Partner Program, your customers will be equipped with a credit card that’s reflective of your business—your brand, your rewards, your flexibility. They can use it to make purchases both in your store and elsewhere, earning rewards in the process.

First Bankcard Co-Brand Credit Cards

Program Features

Custom Solution

We create a credit card program that works with your business—not against it. Our program can be put in place to support your current systems and procedures, allowing you to continue running your business the way you like. We even set up customized end-to-end rewards programs uniquely tailored to be most valuable for your business.

Reliable Reporting

Quickly and accurately assess your customers’ spending data so you can make smart decisions for your business. You’ll be able to see how much your customers are spending and where—either at your business or elsewhere.

Simple Setup

The entire process—from enrollment to set-up to management—is straightforward. Our system is easy to understand and implement, ensuring you spend little time on initiation and set-up and more time devoted to the things your organization does best.

It’s an all-in-one card that keeps you top-of-mind.

Learn more about Co-Brand

Private Label Solution

With First Bankcard’s Private Label Partner Program, your customers will be armed with a branded credit card that keeps them spending in your store and earning rewards in the process.

First Bankcard Private Label Credit Cards

Program Features

Deferred Interest

Instead of buying a large-ticket item with cash or at a high interest rate, we provide another financial option that allows customers to defer interest and pay it off before it accrues.

Save on Interchange Rates

With your own card, you’ll save on the rates you’d otherwise pay to credit card providers. These interchange fees vary by card issuer, but with your own private label card you’d save money each time your customers swipe the card. Over time, the savings add up.

Administrative Support

With each of our programs, you’ll receive helpful resources such as product and program training, useful tips and regular updates to user experience and functionality. And if you ever have any questions about your program, our friendly support team is always available to guide you through initial setup or with adopting new features.

Reward loyalty.

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