Is First Bankcard’s Affinity Solutions Partner Program A Fit?

Any of the following sound familiar? If so, First Bankcard’s Affinity Solutions Partner Program could be just what you’re looking for.

You’re looking to offer a credit card program to a group of individuals who share a common interest or goal.
You’re looking to increase brand loyalty and revenue simultaneously.
You want to offer your members a valuable product that rewards them every time it’s used.
You’re looking for a credit card partner with vast experience in the marketplace, backed by a powerhouse in the industry.

Program Features

Check out the benefits of First Bankcard’s Affinity Solutions Partner Program.

Easy-to-Use Portal

Your organization will have access to our unique, free, and easy-to-use self-service program management portal whenever you need it. Here you’ll be able to manage your marketing campaigns and review program metrics, arming you with the tools you need to make smart decisions for your organization. Explore our online portal

Easy-to-Use Portal
Generate Additional Income

Generate Additional Revenue

With our automated compensation plan, you can add to your organization’s bottom line month after month. How does this occur, you might ask? Well, each time your members swipe, we give a percentage directly back to your organization.

Branded Credit Card

Your members receive a fully customizable credit card where your organization’s brand can be displayed—keeping you top-of-mind whenever they make purchases. Plus, it can help spread the word to others when proud members pull out your card to make purchases at restaurants, the mall, or anywhere else.

Branded Credit Card

Other Features

  • Customized Marketing Plan

    Create customized campaigns with your brand to promote your card using a variety of marketing channels including direct mail and email. With our easy-to-use portal, you’ll be able to market your card program in a targeted, relevant way.

  • Competitive Product

    A proprietary test-and-learn process gives us the power to continuously enhance our programs. Our specialized product lab focuses on developing innovative card products and solutions that leverage industry-leading technology while remaining competitive.

  • Secure Card

    All of our credit cards feature EMV Smart Chip Technology to help reduce fraudulent transactions and protect your customers' accounts. We also offer 24/7 fraud monitoring and free FICO® Credit Score reporting.

  • Top-Notch Support

    You’ll receive helpful resources such as product and program training, useful tips, auto-generated emails, and regular updates to user experience and functionality. And if you ever have any questions about your program, the Affinity Solutions team is available to help.

  • Easy Adoption

    The entire process—from enrollment to set-up to management—is straightforward. Our system is easy to understand and implement, ensuring you spend little time on initiation and set-up and more time devoted to the things your organization does best.


Industry Applications

See how First Bankcard’s Affinity Solutions Partner Program fits into your industry.

First Bankcard Non-Profit Industry Credit Cards

College or University Alumni Groups

Whether it’s through tailgating, football jerseys, or sending your child off to your own alma mater, fans love to revel in their school pride. With First Bankcard’s Affinity Solutions Partner Program, your alumni and fans can show their colors every time they use their credit card, too. The program creates value for the institution by supporting university endeavors, supporting brand identity, and helping students get started on a bright financial future.

First Bankcard Non-Profit Industry Credit Cards

Professional Organizations

We understand your goals. You’re looking for new and creative ways to raise funds that can help the overall organization accomplish its mission. An affinity program might fit the bill. Every time a new member opens an account and uses the card to make a purchase, we give a fixed amount directly to your organization.

First Bankcard Non-Profit Industry Credit Cards

Special Interest Groups

Medical foundations, environmental groups, and other like-minded organizations can benefit from an affinity program as well. You’ll build loyalty with your members and connect with them at the push of a button. And by earning a percent of each cardholder’s expenditures, your organization can thrive and grow.



Still have questions? Read below.

I’m interested in First Bankcard’s Affinity Solutions Partner Program, how do I enroll?

We recommend you create an account on our affinity program portal at You’ll share some details about your organization and gain access to additional information about the affinity solutions credit card program. Creating an account does not require a commitment, so start exploring today!


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