Is First Bankcard’s Co-Brand Partner Program the Right Fit?

Any of the following sound familiar? If so, First Bankcard’s Co-Brand Partner Program could be just what you’re looking for.

You want to offer a branded credit card that will strengthen brand loyalty with your customers, attract new customers, and keep your business top of mind.
You’re looking to offer a credit card that your customers can use and earn rewards wherever they want—in-store or out-of-store.
You want actionable insights into the way your customers behave—from visits to spending to rewards redemption. Our program can offer you the details on a monthly basis.
You’re looking for a partner with a solution that integrates seamlessly with your business.

Program Features

Check out the benefits of First Bankcard’s Co-Brand Partner Program.

Custom Solution

We create a customized credit card program that works for your business—meaning we tailor all rewards, redemption, and any other features to satisfy your needs, not just what other businesses have done. The end-to-end rewards program might include features such as instant card issuance, creative development, and promotional financing, whatever is most valuable to your success. It’s no cookie-cutter approach.

Custom Solution
Reliable Reporting

Reliable Reporting

Quickly and accurately assess your customers’ spending data so you can make smart decisions for your business. You’ll be able to take stock of what’s selling and what isn’t, and implement rewards programs on the fly.

Simple Setup

The entire process—from enrollment to setup to management—is completely painless. Our system is intuitive and straightforward, ensuring you spend as little time as possible with initiation and as much time as possible working on the things your organization does best.

Custom Setup

Other Features

  • Save on Interchange Rates

    With your own card, you’ll save on the rates you’d otherwise pay to credit card providers. These interchange fees vary by card issuer, but with your own co-brand card you’d save money each time your customers swipe the card. Over time, the savings add up.

  • Safety and Security

    Our credit cards feature EMV Smart Chip Technology to help reduce fraudulent transactions and protect your customers’ accounts. We also offer 24/7 fraud monitoring and free FICO® Credit Score reporting.

  • Marketing Assistance

    We provide assistance with marketing the solution to customers via a robust promotional calendar, utilizing channels such as direct mail and email. We’ll also get your staff up to speed with product and program training and regular reporting.

  • Administrative Support

    You’ll receive helpful resources such as product and program training, useful tips, auto-generated emails, and regular updates to user experience and functionality. And if you ever have any questions about your program, our friendly agents are always available to guide you through initial setup or with adopting new features.


Industry Applications

See how First Bankcard’s Co-Brand Partner Program fits into your industry.

First Bankcard Retail Industry Credit Cards


Keep a close eye on what’s hot, what’s not, and what key factors keep your customers shopping. The insights you gain will help you drive sales, gain new customers, and improve inventory turnover.

First Bankcard Travel and Entertainment Industry Credit Cards

Travel & Entertainment

From young families to high rollers, First Bankcard’s Co-Brand Partner Program can help you attract a wide range of clientele. Help them create memorable experiences and earn rewards in the process.

First Bankcard Automotive Industry Credit Cards


With First Bankcard’s Co-Brand Partner Program, your customers can earn rewards every time they swipe the card at a franchised dealership or elsewhere. And it’s all backed by a partner with deep industry expertise.

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